Some of the fabrics we used are washable. Please check first whether it is possible to wash these materials in a machine. Otherwise, we highly recommend you hand-wash in cold water. Hot water can encourage fading and shrinking. Hang to dry. Make sure all metallic ornaments are wiped dry to prevent rust.

We recommend that you pre-treat your bags and pillows with a fabric protector. For example: Scotchgard. It is easy to use, odor-free, water-based formula spray that is environment friendly and won’t change the look or feel of most washable fabrics. It repels spills and stains.

Loose dirt and debris:

Use a lint brush to remove

Use a stain-remover pen (Ex: Tide-to-go) or try a toothbrush with a little mild detergent. Blot stains using a clean cloth or paper towel, do not rub. Do this immediately after spills.

For the vegan leather:
Wipe with wet cloth. Use mild soap if necessary. 


Paco+Lupe can not be responsible for damage to used merchandise due to overuse, machine/hand washing or dry cleaning.